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The Outlaw

Release Date: February 5, 1943

Run Time: 116 mins

Genre: Western, Drama, Comedy, Romance

Color: Black and White

Country: USA

Director: Howard Hughes

Stars: Jack Buetel, Jane Russell, Thomas Mitchell


Synopsis: Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, and Doc Holliday ride again in Howard Hughes' epic 1943 western, but the character you'll remember most is sultry country vixen Rio McDonald. Hughes' nationwide search for an actress to play Rio resulted in the film debut of Jane Russell, whose natural assets were allegedly helped by a special bra designed by Hughes. When The Outlaw finally received a nationwide release in 1946, its success vindicated Hughes and made Russell a star. As for Hughes' infamous bra, Russell said in her 1988 memoir, "I never wore it, and he never knew."


Format: Pro-Res, 23.98 fps, SD

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