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Why Classic Horror Movies Shame Today's Hollywood

by Don Stradley, published on Hollywood In Toto.

The Great Depression is remembered as a miserable, desperate time, but something wonderful came out of it: American horror movies.

Though some fine horror films were made during the 1920s, it wasn’t until 1931, with Universal releasing the twin horrors of Dracula and Frankenstein that the genre truly ignited. From the wreckage of the jazz age came vampires, werewolves, giant apes, mad scientists, Egyptian mummies, cat people and various other creatures of the night.

It was a glorious time for monsters and spooks, a heyday lasting from the ‘30s to the middle ‘40s. By the time of Bela Lugosi’s death in 1956, screen monsters were being usurped by giant bugs and saucer invasions......want to read more? For the complete article, written by a member of our editorial team, visit Hollywood In Toto


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