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New Classic Discovery: A Walk in the Sun (1945)

Written by Kami Spangenberg from Classic Couple.

A Walk in the Sun (1945) is part of the February 2019 lineup on The Film Detective. For me, it’s a new classic movie discovery.

The film begins in 1943 on a landing barge, with a group of infantry soldiers from Lee Platoon of the Texas Division awaiting their upcoming landing on a beach near Salerno, Italy. As their anxiety builds, we get a preview of what this film is really about—regular soldiers who obey orders and do their jobs no matter the conditions and unknowns. It’s on this barge that we learn the platoon’s motto of “Nobody Dies,” a refrain echoed in the film.

Soon after their landing the platoon finds itself without its two most senior officers. Their next in command reluctantly takes over and the men piece together what their mission is from a map found in the bag of their former commanding officer.

Want to read more about this harrowing war drama? Read the rest of Kami's article here, and be sure to stream "A Walk in the Sun" on The Film Detective!


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