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Lady Frankenstein (1971)

Written by Robin on Letterboxd

This is what we used to call in my day "A 94 cent screamer," the Sunday afternoon horror movies sponsored by the local rock station Q-94, with change back from your dollar.

In 1971, it seems only natural that the Frankenstein Universe would expand to include a Liberated Lady with a mind of her own.

On first glance, I thought this was a Mercury Theatre offshoot, with Joseph Cotten doing a favor for his best friend's nephew on his first time out. Mel Welles is no relation to Orsen. Having come up through the Roger Korman factory, Welles had a lengthy filmography in titles like "Tip on a Dead Jockey," and "Rented Lips."

To read the rest of Robin's review, click here!

Be sure to head over to to catch the 1971 horror, "Lady Frankenstein."


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