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Hollywood's Luckiest Black Cat

by Amanda Garrett over at Old Hollywood Films

Before there were Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodies, or even Mickey Mouse, there was Felix the Cat. The black-and-white feline with a detachable tail was a superstar of the silver screen during the 1920s, who appeared in hundreds of popular cartoon shorts, sold thousands of tie-in products, and even became a mascot for British royalty. Felix's popularity waned during the 1930s, but he later had a comeback on TV, and his image is still a recognizable pop-culture staple.

Like many old Hollywood icons, Felix has somewhat obscure and murky origins. Officially, Felix is the creation of an Australian named Pat Sullivan, a cartoonist, chronic alcoholic, and sometime jailbird, who operated an independent animation studio in New York City... want to read the rest of the article? You can over at Old Hollywood Films!

Be sure to catch the cartoons starring our furry friend over on The Film Detective app!


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