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Hers & His Perspectives: Street of Shadows (1953)

Written by Kami and Chris of Classic Couple.

Hers: Kami's Take

Street of Shadows (1953) is part of the February 2019 lineup on The Film Detective. For us, it’s a new classic movie discovery and one we wanted to collaborate on writing about as the Classic Couple

Street of Shadows is the original name of a British film noir set in the streets of Soho in London. It centers around two men—Luigi, played by Cesar Romero, the proprietor of a pin-table saloon bearing his name, Luigi’s, and Limpy, his right-hand man so named for the club foot giving him a pronounced limp. Limpy, played by Victor Maddern, idolizes Luigi as his boss and protector.

To read more from Kami and Chris, check out the complete review here! Be sure to head over to our app to stream the exciting film noir, Street of Shadows!


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