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Christmas Review: Beyond Tomorrow (1940)

By Cameron over at The Blonde at the Film

Just in time for Christmas, The Film Detective is offering Beyond Tomorrow (1940), a little known B-movie starring Charles Winninger, C. Aubrey Smith, and Harry Carey as three rich men who befriend a young couple. There is also a dispossessed Russian countess, a bad blonde, and a lot of afterlife drama. You know, the usual.

The movie was produced by Oscar-winning cinematographer Lee Garmes, whose storied career started in the late 1910’s and stretched to the 1970s. (His involvement perhaps explains the excellent process photography and effects, which we will get to later.) It was the first, and perhaps only (I can’t find more), film produced under his Academy Productions Company, and RKO distributed the movie.

Read the full review of "Beyond Tomorrow" by clicking here. To watch this romantic holiday classic, head on over to The Film Detective app!


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