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A Story of Lust and Desire: Carnival Story (1954)

Written by Kami at Classic Couple.

Carnival Story (1954), starring Anne Baxter and Steve Cochran, tells the story of Grayson’s, an American traveling circus performing in Munich, Germany. Baxter plays Willi, a local girl down on her luck who arrives on the midway hungry and with only the clothes on her back. Desperate, she picks the pocket of carnival barker Joe, played by Steve Cochran. Joe catches Willi and, taken with her beauty, offers to get her a job with the carnival.

Willi starts out as kitchen help but soon attracts the attention of the star of the carnival, high-dive artist Frank Collini, played by Lyle Bettger. Frank is taken with Willi’s looks and sets out to have her join his act. The opportunity to make significant money lures Willi to try it, despite the apparent danger.

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