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Hose on Haunted Hill

Release Date: February 17, 1959

Run Time: 75 mins

Genre: Horror

Color: Black and White

Country: USA

Director: William Castle

Stars: Vincent Price, Carol Ohmart, Richard Long


Synopsis: A millionaire offers ten thousand dollars to five people if they agree to stay overnight in a large, spooky, rented house. When you consider that the millionaire is Vincent Price, and the film is directed by Schlock master William Castle, you can bet the five guests are in for a long, bumpy night. This "super shocker of the century" was a smash hit upon its 1959 release. For architecture buffs, the home used for the exteriors of the haunted house was actually designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in 1924!


Format: Pro-Res, 23.98 fps, HD

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