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Now Available on Special Edition Blu-ray and DVD!


The 1950s re-imagined Frankenstein film is reaching from beyond the grave to relive the HORROR and the TERROR on special-edition Blu-ray and DVD, with exclusive bonus features

FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER, Sandra Knight, 1958.jpg


Frankenstein’s Daughter finds Dr. Oliver Frank (Donald Murphy) carrying on the legacy of his late grandfather, the notorious Dr. Frankenstein, by building his own hulking beast with the transplanted brain of a beautiful, young woman. Bringing a fresh twist to Frankenstein films, Frankenstein’s Daughter takes place in ''modern'' Los Angeles, where, despite news reports of a female monster menacing the neighborhood, nothing stops the local sun-soaked teenagers from partying poolside.

FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER, Harry Wilson, 1958.jpg


  • Audio commentary track with author and historian Tom Weaver 

  • Full color booklet with original essay by author and historian Tom Weaver

  • Richard E. Cunha: Filmmaker of the Unknown - A new retrospective from Ballyhoo Motion Pictures, featuring an archival interview with director Richard E. Cunha

  • John Ashley: Man from the B’s - A new career retrospective featuring film historian C. Courtney Joyner

FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER, Harry Wilson, 1958.jpg
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