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Father's Little Dividend

Release Date: April 27, 1951

Run Time: 82 mins

Genre: Romance

Color: Black and White

Country: USA

Director: Vincente Minnelli

Stars: Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett, Don Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor


Synopsis: Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor reprise their father/daughter roles in this sequel to the popular Father of the Bride. This time around Stanley Banks (Tracy) finds himself resisting the idea of becoming a grandfather, and soon finds himself in a series of comical misadventures involving his new grandson. Legendary directory Vincente Minnelli shot this charming family film in a mere 22 days in 1950, the same year he directed his classic An American in Paris. The cast includes Joan Bennett, Billie Burke. and a 14-year-old Russ Tamblyn.


Format: Pro-Res, 23.98 fps, SD

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