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Introducing - Betty Boop: Sexpot, Spinster, Icon


We are thrilled to be a content provider for Classic Couple Academy's latest course offering...Betty Boop: Sexpot, Spinster, Icon!


In this free, online edutainment course you’ll learn:

· Who Betty Boop was

· Why Betty Boop was put on trial

· What she meant for jazz music

· How she evolved from sexpot to spinster to icon

· Why Betty Boop is The Queen of the Animated Screen

· And, last but certainly not least, the meaning of “boop-oop-a-doop”

Betty Boop and Grampy (1935)

Synopsis: Betty Boop's eccentric Grampy hosts a party.

Betty Boop and Pudgy in Not Now (1936)

Synopsis: A noisy cat is preventing Betty Boop from getting any sleep at night. When Betty asks the cat to be quiet, it replies with trouble.

Is My Palm Read (1933)

Synopsis: For customer Betty Boop, psychic reader Prof. Bimbo conjures up an adventure on a haunted tropical island in his crystal ball.

Judge for a Day (1935)

Synopsis: On the bus ride to work one day, Betty Boop grows tired of the obnoxious actions of some of her fellow citizens and fantasizes about what she'd do if she were the judge.

Betty Boop With Henry (1935)

Synopsis: Silent Henry wants to buy a puppy, but only has two cents. Soft-hearted Betty offers to let Henry work off the difference at her pet store.

Betty Boop's Crazy Inventions (1933)

Synopsis: Betty Boop and her friends Koko the Clown and Bimbo have been hired to demonstrate a series of crazy gadgets at the Big Invention Show. 

Betty in Blunderland (1934)

Synopsis: The White Rabbit materializes from a jigsaw puzzle and leads Betty Boop through the looking glass into Wonderland.

Pudgy in More Pep (1936)

Synopsis: In a return to the 'Out of the Inkwell' format, Betty Boop invents a 'pep' formula to speed up lazy Pudgy, but it escapes into the 'real world' with rapid results.

Pudgy in You're Not Built that Way (1936)

Synopsis: Pudgy the pup tries to emulate a tough bulldog, but Betty Boop sings him the error of his ways.

Screen Shot 2020-12-22 at 1.24.35 PM.png

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