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Bashful Bachelor, The.JPG

The Bashful Bachelor

Release Date: March 19, 1942

Run Time: 78 mins

Genre: Comedy

Color: Black and White

Country: USA

Director: Malcolm St. Clair

Stars: Chester Lauck, Norris Goff, Zasu Pitts

Synopsis: The comical misadventures of small-town life are depicted in this hilarious comedy from Malcolm St. Clair, the self described "most fired director in pictures." With a career dating back to his years working for silent mogul Mack Sennett, St. Clair was the perfect director for this entry in the Lum and Abner film series. In this one, Lum tries to trick his sweetheart (Zasu Pitts) into marrying him. With Chester Lauck as Lum and Norris Goff as Abner, the laughs are plentiful. This was the second film in the series, based on the popular Lum and Abner radio show which began on NBC and ran for 5,000 episodes!

Format: Pro-Res, 23.98 fps, SD

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