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Now Available on Special Edition Blu-ray and DVD


From out of the surf it came...a familiar voice...a voice that belonged to the afterlife!

amazing mr x still (2).jpg
amazing mr x still (2).jpg


The Amazing Mr. X stars Turhan Bey as Alexis, a mystery man who claims to communicate with spirits. Appearing on the beach one night, Alexis easily charms a depressed widow and her sister (Lynn Bari and Cathy O'Donnell). The sly Alexis makes a living by separating gullible people from their money, but before this tale is over, he will learn that the living are far more dangerous than the dead.

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  • New 4K transfer restored from original 35mm film elements

  • Audio commentary from professor and film scholar Jason A. Ney

  • A full color booklet with essay, The Amazing Mr. Bey, by Don Stradley 

  • Mysteries Exposed: Inside the Cinematic World of Spiritualism, an original documentary from Ballyhoo Motion Pictures.

Mr X Now Avail-squ.jpg
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