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Aces and Eights

Release Date: June 6, 1936

Run Time: 62 mins

Genre: Action, Crime, Western

Color: Black and White

Country: USA

Director: Sam Newfield

Stars: Tim McCoy, Luana Walters, Rex Lease, Wheeler Oakman

Synopsis: Hard-hitting cowboy star Tim McCoy appears as "Gentleman" Tim Madigan, a legendary card sharp who uses his skills at the gaming table to help a Mexican family keep their ranch. There's plenty of action and intrigue in this modestly budgeted western from Puritan Pictures, capably dished out by prolific director Sam Newfield (The Terror of Tiny Town). For those who take their western action straight, you'll be glad to know there's no singing in this one. It's just Gentleman Tim dealing a death hand in a crooked game!

Format: Pro-Res, 23.98 fps, SD

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